YouDo is a fun way to Do and Discover the concepts of Mathematics and Science. Our educational resources help the children learn the concepts hands-on. As they play, build and work with these educational kits, they relate to the concepts that they study in the school. Focussed on the experiential learning YouDo complements the traditional education by involving the children in it.

You may have heard of subscription services that will send your child an activity kit monthly or fortnightly, depending on the plan that you’ve selected. But, YouDo is different. We are not a subscription service. We are a partner in your child’s education.


Our aim is to provide the child with the right equipment to explore the fundamental concepts of Mathematics like carry forward addition, fractions, to begin with and we continue to give them apt resources to do experiments and learn, till they are in senior secondary. The same is true for science  also.


Unlike other subscription services, we are affordable. Our website is an effort on our part to make experiential learning available for all children and from different socio-economic backgrounds. We believe in making our resources available across all sections of society.


Since we are not a subscription service, you do not need to pay an amount upfront to us. You pay as you use. We are certain when you will see the benefit of these resources, you will buy more and recommend us to your friends and family.

YouDo believes that every child is different but at the same time they are all inquisitive. They want to explore things on their own and ask questions. Unfortunately, they find themselves surrounded by circumstances which do not encourage asking of why’s and how’s. Rather, they are given ready-made answers. This is making everyone alike and snatching away their creativity and the imagination. The emphasis is on cramming up rather than understanding. Can there be a bigger disservice than this to our future generations? The sad part is that most parents are unaware of the damage that is being done to these innocent and unknowing souls.


Our Activity Based Learning will encourage the child to explore and understand the reason behind any concept, theorem or theory. Over a period of time this leads to firming up of fundamentals and increased confidence levels. And we have in terms of the end result “Ä love for learning”. A learning which is not limited to only the syllabus but becomes part of their growing up – Experiential Learning.

Of course, it can. Maths is a universal language. Everyone speaks it but the teachers just tell the children how to do it without telling them why it is done in this way. When the children don’t understand anything, they learn it and this is the start of phobia. Whereas our educational resources enable the children to understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ of everything. As the children conduct experiments with our DIY kits, their foundation becomes stronger.

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  8. Watch your child enjoy the experiential learning with YouDo.

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