Unlike traditional education, YouD0 is a fun way to do and discover the concepts of Mathematics and Science. While imparting education to children in their formative years, somehow the fact that each child is different, is forgotten.  Rather than giving them an opportunity to use their imagination and explore answers to their questions, they are given answers. And as they mature, they may get promoted in exams but invariably lag behind in the grasping of fundamentals.


It builds a ‘pressure cooker situation for the children, who become increasingly hesitant to clarify their doubts or to ask questions. Their actual talent never gets a chance to surface and to be seen and appreciated by the world.


This situation more often than not akin to fitting a square peg in a round hole. Can these children ever work to their full potential in their lives? All around us, we see a repeat of this vicious cycle. And by the time the realisation comes it’s too late. There is hardly anything that can be done about it. And these young minds carry the scars throughout their lives. They grow up hating Mathematics and Science.


It is precisely this situation which we, at YouDo are trying to prevent.


At YouDo we accept that every child is different. There is no “One size fits all” formula in learning. Hence, our focus is to transform the learning for the children through self-discovery of the concepts. Here, our educational resources act as facilitators, guiding lights. It is the child who has to undertake the journey. A journey with a difference, a journey which is devoid of pitfalls highlighted above.


Paradigm Shift 


YouDo is about experiential learning, a paradigm shift from the traditional method of education delivery. It is a three-step-process involving do, reflect and modify. Learning acquired through self-discovery has a greater retention and recall quotient.


Each educational aid of YouDo enables the journey of experiential learning for the children. The innovative, hands-on educational aids enable them to explore the nuances of concepts through do-it-yourself kits.  As they experiment, build and work on these educational resources, they get to know the basics of concepts. That helps avoid silly mistakes – the bane of many students in Mathematics and Science.


YouDo Intensive Research


The creative learning tools of YouDo  are a result of intensive research. At every stage of the product development, we involve children and include their feedback which makes our learning resources more engaging for them. A child playing with these aids, begins to question the concepts and looks for answers. That is the start of experiential learning and lays the foundation for a lasting relationship with Science and Mathematics.



Our Activity Based Learning sets are developed by the top educators and they answer the queries that your children always had but the school never bothered to answer. Allow your children to do and learn, and learn as they do, with YouDo.


YouDo Edutainment


The versatile educational resources of YouDo bridge the divide between studies and play. In fact, they make learning fun and bring it out from the classroom. From class room to the drawing room, learning continues without being overbearing or monotonous. Gently the child is introduced to the complex nuances of Mathematics and Science and given the liberty to explore the answers of ‘why’ rather than being offered a tailor-made solution.


Today with rapid advances in technology, the boundaries between technical and non-technical subjects are becoming blurred. Everyone is expected to be tech-savvy. Even if the parents want, they cannot afford to neglect these subjects in their child’s formative years. That’s where we come in a picture because we will help build your child a strong foundation in Mathematics and Science.